The brand Hederium

Hederium was born  of  the poetic and organic imagination from the designer Marie Mesclon.
Through hand drawing poetry Hederium designs a dreamlike universe,
both intimate and powerful tinged with philosphical and artistic considerations.
In order to reach sustainable development the silk squares are created in limited edition
and their fabrication is attentively followed.
Our trading partners all abide by environmental standards such as ISO 14001.

Our products are entierely made in France and the finishing touch, are handmade.
Therefore, Hederium works for a fashion where meaning and aesthetics are one favouring
made in France products and direct distribution to reach a high degree of quality and excellence.


The name Hederium

Hederium: from the latin word Hedera (edera, ae), f.: ivy. Ivy’s territory :

A dreamlike garden of modern melancholy contemplations.
(In Ovid, ivy is wrapped around Bacchus’ chest and is used to crown poets.)

This ligneous plant with sheen leaves climbs and proliferates on walls,
embraces trees, sometimes killing them by doing so.
While being a feminine name at first, it became masculine.
and symbol of eternal life and timeless faithfulness.
It has been present in many civilisations since ancient Greece.
reputedly soothing souls and curing pain and sorrow.




About the designer

Marie Mesclon was born in 1989. Passionate about drawing, nature and music,
she creates Hederium in 2013, to develop the magic dimensions of her “parallel worlds”
in series of illustrated and printed items.
After a course in Arts and Fashion which led her from Lyon to Nîmes and Paris,
she creates now on her studio in Saint-Chaptes, series of dreamlike and intimate stories.